Tim Hughes- Here I Am To Worship

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, as trials and tribulations come forth know that they are in Gods plan, for it is in the Good and Bad moments that we are formed into the person that we are called to be. Trust, Pray, Hope, Love and Forgive for God may be comming soon.
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pray for me a sinner. we are all sinners in need of help. god bless
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In life its not always a bout us and our needs we need to steep back from our daily routine and simply pray and talk to go worship him and not focus on our materialistic things and praise him and we must remember that with out him we wouldnot be here today so remeber to pray to him, with all your heart because he's the one and only true god song- Here I Am To Worship Artist- Tim Hughes Video- The Passion-Mel gibson
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