Launch GO DECADE - Meeting

GO Decade is a group of ministries, denominations, local churches and networks who are banding together to believe God to see the Great Commission fulfilled in the course of the next 10 years. We don’t believe any one organization can get the job done. But we also believe that through God’s power “Together we can reach the world”.

This is a unique time in the history of evangelism. God is moving in unprecedented ways. Many people are looking to God for help in light of the many challenges we face. GO Decade exists to help each of our organizations make the most of God’s opportunities.

We look forward to being together with you on October 29th to see ways we can be an even more strategic part of what God is doing today.

Werner Nachtigal Beat Baumann
International President International Director
Global Outreach Day Global Outreach Day

Steve Douglass Dave Gibson
President – Cru Pastor of Mission and Evangelism
Grace Church of Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Livenet Service