Extreme Night of Worship - Prophetic Praise!


A sample of what prophetic praise is all about. The last evening of the 2005 Joy Worship Conference (themed, "God of Wisdom") was an extreme night of passionate worship. Filled with evangelistic words, intercession, and healing. The Bible says in Ephesians 6:12 that as Christians we do not struggle against flesh and blood, but against the world forces of darkness in heavenly places... [abridged] - Prophetic Praise is a dramatic display of Biblical truths and for the encouragment of the church. As worshipers, creative by nature, we are expressing our praise to God as well as being encouraged to share the Gospel of peace. The book of Revelation reveals that one day the nations will be healed. We look forward to that day. Until then, we are fervent [intense] in our devotion to God so that we will remain strong in the days of persecution. The foundation of our faith is Jesus as stated in the Apostle's Creed. We are many different Christian and Messianic denominations worshiping God together in unity. http://www.JoyConference.com & http://www.propheticsong.org



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Täglich inspirierend
Auf Livenet.ch können der Mann und die Frau von nebenan ebenso in einer News-Meldung vorkommen wie der Hollywoodstar. Dieser einzigartige Livenet-Mix ist es, der die Macher wie auch die Leser begeistert.


Denkanstoss von Michi Dufner Lies die Bibelstelle im Kontext: https://www.bibleserver.com/text/GNB/...